Consumer Benefits Of Photoluminescent Signs

Introduction to glow in the dark signs

Why do we need glow photoluminescent or glow in the dark signs? you might ask, well consider for a moment that you are at either at work, in accommodation or rental property and asleep and at 2am in the morning you’re suddenly woken as there is a fire, well for sure you have no power to turn on the light and there is a possibility that the smoke generated from the fire has obscured your vision further, yes if you are familiar with the layout of your surroundings you will eventually find your exit. Now take the same situation and imagine you are in a property or building that you have no familiarity with, escaping now would be much more difficult would you agree? I think you do.

The benefits to businesses

Throughout the UK there are thousands of businesses including offices, factories, warehouses, schools, public buildings, hospitals, shopping centres and the list goes on who all rely upon these photoluminescent or glow in the dark if you prefer, signs. The signs are self-charging either by daylight or interior lighting and when a certain level of darkness is achieved the signs will self-illuminate, they will actually glow to show the contents of the sign in the dark, lets say for example you place a glow in the dark sign in the corridor showing fire exit with an arrow then this sign as well as some of the corridor will be illuminated to provide minimal but an adequate amount of light to illuminate your route to the exit. By providing these signs in your premises you will not only assist your staff but members of the public and visitors too.

In buildings of multiple storeys such as hospitals, tower blocks, schools, colleges, etc. You will often find the glow in the dark signs above the stairwell on each landing; this method will also be inclusive of emergency lighting to provide further reassurance of providing a safe exit to the residents thus providing peace of mind for the person responsible for the building. Photoluminescent signs or signage can vary greatly in their characteristics providing a variety of levels of illumination as well as the amount of time the will illuminate for.

Photo luminescent over Traditional

Well, this all depends on the business, the business type and the property. For example, take a high street shop in a town which is an estate agents or bakers then glow in the dark signage wouldn’t really serve a purpose in both as the shop windows are very large allowing for ample borrowed lighting from outside, in addition the normal working hours for these types of businesses generally fall under daylight hours and normally consists of the shop front and an office the rear so these types of businesses would be satisfactory with normal signage types that do not glow.

The best premises that can take advantage of glow in the dark signs are businesses or properties with basements, internal corridors and as discussed earlier places with stairwells. The added advantage these photoluminescent signs would give you is far superior over normal, non-illuminated signage providing occupants with a clear, well illuminated route to safety so we can safely say that glow in the dark signs are best suited for more complex type buildings.

The variation of signs

Just about all type of emergency sign is readily available in photo luminescent; this includes fire exit signage, fire door signage, push bar to open signs and more. An important factor to consider is your fire fighting equipment, yes this equipment too will greatly benefit from being highlighted by glow in the dark signs. Your fire wardens and marshals will be able to identify fire equipment almost immediately saving valuable time in the event of an emergency; you should also consider placing glow in the dark signs in the vicinity of your emergency first aid equipment too for added reassurance. One final note; In the above paragraphs we have mainly discussed signage. However, you can also purchase fire exit route signage which is available in tape format which can be adhered to your stairwell handrails or corridor skirting boards providing a professional well illuminated passage of route.

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